*look at my phone to see 20 new like and reblog notifications*

I-I think someone important liked my casual Beck and Call drawing. 



asexymistake asked: so uh, why the hell haven't you noticed me sempai (no seriously you are like crazy cute and you should know this. c'mon now, rock it all the time)


oh-oh k-kohai

thank you!

senpai notices you


asexymistake asked: super sorry if i made you uncomfortable i just really appreciate your blog and think you should have a much higher opinion of yourself. i hope everything good comes to you and everything bad fucks off to somewhere else.


awwww mannnnnn thanks so mucchhh

oh fuck oh fuck i don’t remember what I said in some people’s ask box  goddamn it all

i do this all for you, sober jake

well, that and the laughs i’m going to get while you sort out everything i did tonight

but at least i got sempai to notice you so hell yeah fuck you 

i’m sorry regular sober jake

when you wake up i hope you have some nice asks or follows 

it doesn’t seem like i (drunk jake) was much of an asshole this time

but time will tell.`

no but seriously disregard anything i say for the next couple of hours

unless you really like it, then something should happen

something cool or sexy

tumblr banzai

fucking white people

i have literally a bottle of Jameson’s in my right now, along with a six pack of pepsi

if you have anything you want to tell or confess to me now is the time

(please confess to me, my self esteem is so very fragile)

congratulations that-new-york-boy! now i only need six more blog follows

you better love anime or so help me